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Coursepack is also available as a downloadable package. The package helps the students in accessing the contents locally even in the absence of Internet connectivity. Download the zip file and follow the instructions in the README file.

Coursepack empowers the creation and delivery of educational content to end users. It makes the development of an ebook easy and instant by converting your training materials and documents to interactive digital book.

-eAuthor: Allows people to create interactive digital book. The mixture of text, video, image, quiz, forum, text chat, workbook, assignments and dictionary will increase engagement of audience and improve learning outcomes.

-eReader: eReader combines slim design and cutting-edge technology to bring a virtual book. This eReader is available for Desktop, Android tablet and phones. Offline version of eReader allows you to access the book with limited internet access.

Using this tool, a content developer should be able to Create, edit, view, remove or publish chapter. Content of the chapter includes text, video, audio, image, presentation and animation.


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